Koinonia Community

The Next Koinonia Retreat will be in February of 2022

For more information, questions, or to sign up please call Cheryl Vogel at 426-6309

Koinonia is a weekend retreat that provides an opportunity for individuals to encounter Jesus Christ through an experience of Christian Community.

Koinonia has a two-fold purpose.

The first is to provide a time and a place for adult Christians to experience the reality of Christian community, fellowship and sharing...that is to say: "Koinonia". St. Paul, in his letter, uses the Greek word 'Koinonia' to describe the early church, that newly formed group of Christian believers who looked to each other for faith-sharing support.

The second purpose is to provide a depth of faith-sharing support that allows and challenges inner renewal for each participant at his or her own level. Renewal often brings about a desire to serve. Koinonia can rightly be called a "renewal" program in this respect.

Who Can Make A Koinonia Weekend?

Anyone who is concerned about his or her relationship with God, would like to enhance their own spirituality, and is willing to spend time with a group of people with the same basic interest should consider making a Koinonia weekend.

A typical Koinonia weekend includes one or more priests, one or more religious (sisters and/or brothers), and thirty to forty other adult lay persons.

A Koinonia weekend usually has the same "mix" as any Sunday Mass, which makes it a true experience of Church. The participants come from various walks of life and usually encompass a wide age span and a great variety of worship norms.

A Koinonia weekend follows Catholic teaching and welcomes people of all faiths to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in the setting of Christian community.

Please join us at Holy Cross for our Koinonia Weekend.

For more information, questions, or to sign up please call Cheryl Vogel at 426-6309