Facility Rental at Holy Cross

Anyone wishing to rent the school Gym, Multi-Purpose Room or Lunchroom needs to call the parish office @ 605-971-4556 to reserve a room at least 15 days prior to the date you want to use the facility.

This gives us appropriate time to notify the Diocese of Sioux Falls the property owner and Insurance Provider. Here you will find the required document that needs to be filled out and given to the office.

Print Out and Complete This Form In Pen & Return To Parish Office

Special Events Application.pdf

Facility Use Policy

The Facility cannot be rented to an individual, group or organization whose purpose, tenets, acts or omissions, or objectives contradict the moral teachings of the Catholic Church or the policies of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, as determined by the Bishop of the Diocese of Sioux Falls; and in using the Facility, Licensee and its guests or attendees will not engage in

(i) unlawful, unsafe, or hazardous activity on or around the Facility’s premises;

(ii) a political/partisan event in support of one candidate for civil office and in opposition to other candidates for the same office or which advocates for a ballot issue; or

(iii) any activity which promotes matters of morality, spirituality, or theology in ways that are inconsistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Additionally, Licensee acknowledges that the Owner reserves the right to deny the use of facilities to any person, group or organization when the Owner determines that the granting of such use will not be in the best interest of the Owner or the Diocese, or that the denial of such use is necessary to avoid scandal.